He started music studies when he was in High School.
During these years he interested with Opera art. He
took singing lesson from Kevork Tavityan and sang in
amateur choirs for a long time. His skills on technical
subjects led him to concentrate on audio technologies.
He became as an assistant technician at Taşoda Music
Studios in 2006 and had the opportunity of
self-development on the studio recording techniques.
Then decided to specialize in the feld of live recording
techniques. He did frst concert recordings with Cem
Köksal then continued with Can Aykal. Also he took
two years course on piano maintenance, rebuilding and
tuning at Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music
Conservatory Instrument Making Department with
instructor Tunç Buyruklar. He studied ‘Bach Style
unequal- Temperament and Application to Modern
Concert Piano’ with Mark Lindley. He had opportunity
for advance studies in piano mechanics and voicing
with Anton Daum. Currently, he continues to study
recording techniques of chamber music, orchestral
music and opera and servicing under private company.

Ali Altuncevahir Resume

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